Cryptobrewmaster World

@cryptobrewmaster is a game startup, developing on Hive blockchain. The idea behind the game is to create an economic strategy with a beer as the most key asset. We put all our knowledge and passion regarding the craft beer and put it all together in @cryptobrewmaster. From beer lovers to beer lovers!


  • Go to the pub for daily quests to earn money and XP
  • Study and upgrade skills at the academy
  • Go to the brewery and brew your own beer
  • Sell it to the local pub or trade to the wholesaler
  • Earn profit in CBM game token and buy special loots to perform even better
  • Become a Top brewer and get a possibility to brew your own beer in the real world!

Collect and Trade

Collect Items, Equipment, Staff and Artifacts to brew an outstanding beer and earn even more CBM. It’s 81 different cards with 5 different quality grades that may be used for the beer production, in ALPHA version release.


In @cryptobrewmaster you really control your assets, all of the above stored in the blockchain, and you have the key for it! Getting CBM token for the beer production can always be exchanged it in any liquid crypto via our partner exchange – Cryptex24

As seen at Bangkok


Q2 2020

Alpha-version launch divided by 3 Big Tiers
Community work, giveaways, social media promotions
Beta version work starts

Q3 2020

Beta version work in process
Locations pre-sale or auction
Community work, giveaways, social media promotions

Q4 2020

HiveFest1 (hopefully)
Beta version release
Community work, giveaways, social media promotions


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